The 13th Mirror

2011, 9min short Fantasy – Sci-Fi

Victor is trapped in a vivid and terrifying nightmare. Penned in by a wall of mirrors, he is tortured by hideous reflections of himself until he finds a clue that urges him to look for the 13the Mirror. Flitting between dream world and alternate reality, Victor approaches his mysterious friend Xavier to help him on his quest. In contrast to his troubled friend, Xavier exists in a vibrant, colorful world that Victor can only dream of. With the boundary between reality and dream becoming increasingly blurred, Xavier urges Victor to escape from the darkness and find the elusive 13th Mirror. As the film draws to its climax, Victor looks like he may have found the missing piece of the puzzle.

In the brief for The 13th Mirror – our challenge was: how does one sell a new book & author in the digital age? Mavericks’ idea; make the central theme, world and the characters truly come alive through cinema and give viewers an unrivalled taster to the book; all delivered in an extended book trailer under 10 minutes.

Soon to be released, Mavericks worked with the author Nicholas J. Sampson to develop a completely new way to release a book. Mavericks produced a bespoke short film inspired by elements of the novel and its protagonists, within which they embedded into a microsite with interactive components, bringing a sense of exploration and gaming, as well as the visual dynamism of a film to a conventionally static medium. Another first for the company, hopes are high that the project will bring widespread publicity to the launch, as well as generating sales and interest

Home Landing

Director: Mono Ghose
Writers: Mono Ghose and Nicolas D. Sampson (story)

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