Lost Bullets

2010, 22min short drama – thriller

“But from each crime are born bullets that will one day seek out in you where the heart lies” – Pablo Neruda

During wars, innocent people often get caught in the crossfire of gun battles. Many of these victims are children. There is a phenomenon known as stray bullets. Sometimes a bullet will miss its target or ricochet, the break into fragments causing multiple fatalities. If not deadly, the bullet can become permanently lodged in the body causing severe trauma for the lifetime of that victim. Removal of the shrapnel can be life threatening. Our two heroes, on two sides of the same coin, live with this physical and mental memento of their horrific past.

Director: Mono Ghose
Writer: Mono Ghose

Client; Mavericks Storm Entertainment | Director: Mono Ghose | Author: | Filed under: Cinema, Portfolio | Posted: June 8th, 2011 | |
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